I couldn’t care less about the royal family, but one aspect of the Kate Middleton topless photos story did strike me. Like so many others before her, she forgot a basic simple rule of being famous — if you don’t want someone to take photos of you with your clothes off, then keep your clothes on whenever you’re outside. In fact, the rule applies whether or not you’re famous, as far too many Facebook photos have proven in the last few years.

A spokesman from Buckingham Palace was quoted Friday as saying that the way the paparazzi follows Kate is as bad as it was for Diana. That’s probably true, but the royals should have learned in the intervening years to be more careful about where and what they do. And yet, there were the photos of Harry in his gestapo uniform, and then his naked partying in Vegas, and now Kate topless poolside in France.

I’m reminded of those actresses who, while still unknown at 18 or 19, agreed to have nude or semi-nude photos taken because “they needed the money.” Then, years later, when they achieve some fame, they’re shocked and embarrassed when those photos are dredged up and published somewhere. Want to avoid that? Then don’t pose for them in the first place. Similarly, if you don’t want your partner to release your sex tape out of spite after you break up, you can easily pre-empt their actions by not allowing them to videotape you acting like a Kardashian.