American Radical” is the story of Tamer Elnoury, a Muslim FBI agent who went undercover to expose some radical jihadists who were planning to commit mayhem in the US and Canada. Since he has now moved on to other law enforcement business and is unavailable to discuss the book, I spoke with his co-author, Kevin Maurer, asking him:

  • What do the jihadists he encountered have in common? What is their motivation?
  • Was it hard for Tamer to keep up the front, especially when exhausted?
  • Why did the FBI choose him?
  • How did he get his targets to trust him?
  • Is it true he went to acting classes to learn how to better relate to his targets?
  • As a Muslim, is he mad at jihadists who have turned his religion into something evil?
  • Was his life ever in danger?

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