Most of us only know the world of banking, investing, and high finance from movies like “Wall Street, “Boiler Room,” and “The Wolf Of Wall Street” — not to mention the bad taste still in our mouth from the execs at the too-big-to-fail companies that drove us into our current financial crisis and were never punished for it.

In his new book, “Young Money,” Kevin Roose offers a different perspective by following eight Wall Street newbies, the people at the bottom of the financial food chain. When he joined me today on America Weekend, I asked him:

  • Did they get into the business with huge dollar signs in their eyes?
  • Did they get to live the Wolf Of Wall Street lifestyle or get chewed up and spit out?
  • How do Wall Street firms treat women and people of color?
  • How were they perceived by friends outside Wall Street?

We also talked about the one-percent-of-the-one-percenters who attend the secret Kappa Beta Phi dinner -– the very people who ruined our economy, who spent the evening laughing at the rest of us.

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