The AP story from Wisconsin reads, “A Hartford man has been ordered to serve 60 days in jail and two years’ probation for putting photographs of his genitalia on cars driven by women in Menomonee Falls. … He pleaded no contest to the charges, which accuse him of putting photos on cars parked outside department stores.”

He did what? Let’s think this through for a second, which is probably longer than he did. Some questions:

  • What was he trying to accomplish — picking up chicks? Because you know how much women love seeing anonymous pictures of a strange man’s genitalia when they’re left behind under the windshield wiper like an advertising flyer.
  • How did the cops identify this guy? Was there a lineup? Did witnesses ID him based on the photos?
  • How did he know which cars belonged to women?

Even better, according to the story, the guy’s defense attorney “said at the hearing Monday that his client got involved in the activity at a time when he was depressed about three deaths in the family and the failure of his marriage.”

Well, that explains it. The old “I was really depressed so I snapped some quick pix of my package and left them on random windshields at the mall” excuse.

Case dismissed, except for this — he’s also facing six other counts of doing the same thing in several other towns.