Larry Wilmore of “The Daily Show” performed at the Congressional Correspondents Dinner in Washington last night, joking about politics and race.

His best line was about birthers, truthers and other conspiracy theorists: “they demand evidence for the obvious, but expect you to swallow the preposterous.” That nails it, and reminds me of a Carl Sagan quote: “extraordinary claims demands extraordinary evidence.”

Wilmore was the last person to speak last night, and it probably reminded him of nights he headlined in comedy clubs and had to follow a really emcee or middle act. At the congressional dinner, he was preceded by Congressman Rand Paul, whose tea party policies must include both smaller government and fewer jokes. These dinners are always held in cavernous hotel ballrooms, where the C-SPAN microphones don’t pick up a lot of audience response, but there were more crickets than laughs during Paul’s failed stint at the microphone.

Wilmore can’t help but refer to the awkward feeling in the room as he begins…