In their book, “League of Denial” and recent PBS “Frontline” documentary, Mark Fainaru-Wada and his brother Steve have done an outstanding job of investigating the NFL’s concussion crisis. In our conversation on America Weekend, Mark revealed how the NFL has fought back against the scientists who have discovered the links between repeated on-field collisions and head trauma that ruins the lives of players once they leave the league (Junior Seau, Tony Dorsett, Mike Webster, Leonard Marshall, and thousands more). We also discussed whether the NFL can and will change, what its responsibility is to the players, and whether the book’s release has had any effect on commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL executives.

It all reminds me of the decades of denial by Big Tobacco despite scientific evidence of the dangers of its product. And yet, I continue to watch and enjoy pro football (as does Mark), although I am more aware of those helmet-to-helmet hits and the sacrifice these big men are making for my entertainment.

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You can watch the “Frontline” show about “League Of Denial” for free here.