After an overly-confusing season, hurt by the long hiatus between the fall and spring episode runs, I thought “Lost” pulled off a pretty good season finale last night. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of unanswered questions. Ideas, anyone?

  • Was this the first “Lost” episode to acknowledge that they get off the island?
  • Why couldn’t Charlie have locked that room’s hatch from the OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR?
  • Where did Walt come from? (it’s obvious why producers had to get his character off the island — the actor who plays him had a major growth spurt and no longer looks like a young boy)
  • How did Locke survive being shot by Ben?
  • How did Mikail lose all that blood from the spear gun shot and still get into scuba gear long enough to get outside the porthole with the grenade?
  • Whose funeral did Jack attend, and who does Kate have to get home to?

Beyond those puzzles, the best line of the night belonged to Hurley: “I save them, dude! I saved them all!”

Update 7:58pm…Someone has put up a frame grab of the obit Jack was reading. Take a look and see if you can figure anything out from it.