I’ve just spent 9 days at the Rio in Las Vegas, and I’ve traveled quite a bit this year, staying in hotels all over the place, and encountered lots of maids. But unlike Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the World Bank guy who’s accused of raping a maid at a posh hotel in New York, at no point, in any venue, did the thought of having sex with any of them consensually, let alone forcibly, ever cross my mind.

In fact, I’ve never seen a hotel maid I was attracted to in any way. I’m not saying they’re all ugly, just that none of them has made me turn my head and look twice nor lay in bed and fantasize about them.

The women who do these jobs in hotels are not dressed in the slutty-maid outfits that costume stores sell for Halloween. They wear normal, everyday work clothes that no one could consider sexy or alluring, and they don’t look anything like supermodels or porn stars. I’m sure that’s the case even in the super-upscale places DSK stayed in.

So, we’re not talking about a guy seeing an attractive woman and getting turned on. We’re talking about a powerful man used to getting what he wants, and what he wanted at that time in that place was to have sex with a woman, any woman, against her will.

That’s not me. All I want is for her to clean the bathroom and make the beds, preferably without waking me up at 8am.