Another thought about the stamp price increase vs. the USPS cutting delivery to alternate days — why not make postage stamps free, underwritten by corporate sponsors?

There would be plenty of major corporations who would like that space on the envelope to promote their products, and would happily partner with the postal service to expand the brand. Imagine being able to get company-logo stamps not just at the post office, but at any McDonald’s restaurant or 7-11 store or Starbucks outlet. Then, when the USPS costs go up, they’d pass along the expense to their clients, not their users (the same model used by radio, TV, and the rest of us who live at the whim of advertisers).

Under this plan, you’d never again see this on an envelope: “Affix stamp here. The post office will not deliver without proper postage.” As if anyone who doesn’t already understand the stamp concept would know what “affix” means.