Here’s the story we’re talking about on my show this afternoon, of a woman who is making her own grandchild with sperm extracted from her dead son.

Keivin Cohen was killed by a sniper in Gaza in 2002. Shortly afterwards, his mother, Rachel, decided that since he’d always wanted to start a family, she would carry through his wish and give him a child — even though he was dead. She found a group that helped her recruit a woman who would serve as a Womb Donor (which sounds like a bad Angelina Jolie movie) and carry the child. It took her several years to overcome the legal obstacles, but now an Israeli court has granted her permission to continue with her plans.

This is a crazy and incredibly selfish act on her part. Keivin did not have a wife, did not have a girlfriend, but now he’s going to have a child posthumously. What do you think?