Here’s a story that didn’t get enough attention this weekend.

On Friday, Malala Yousafzi addressed the United Nations. She’s the Pakistani teenager who was shot in the head last October by the Taliban because she advocates for education, especially for girls. Fortunately, she was saved by some brilliant doctors and nurses, and on her 16th birthday, she took to the podium at the General Assembly and gave an inspirational speech about the importance of education and the rights of women and girls.

It’s a helluva lot better than anything I did in the Model UN when I was in high school (we represented Guinea-Bissau, but the only thing I remember about that weekend at a hotel in DC was making out with Angie, a girl from Baltimore who happened to sit next to me because we were seated alphabetically by nation and her school represented Guyana). As for Malala, Davis Guggenheim, director of “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Waiting for Superman,” has announced plans to make a documentary about her.