Ed Barabash e-mails:

I just heard McCain commenting on Joe Biden’s remarks about the next president being tested with an international crisis within months of his taking office. McCain said HE had been tested. During the Cuban missile crisis he was in his plane, ready to go, with a bomb destination.

So, how does that make him tested? Did HE challenge the Russians? Was it HE that would make the decision to go or not go forward with the bomb run? He was not the commander-in-chief, making the command decision. Was he in harm’s way? Yes, but in no way does this experience give him the ability to rationally decide what action should or should not be taken in a crisis.

If you carried this logic through, you could say that any football or baseball player, having been through the battle of the game, would be fully qualified to be a top notch coach.

And Aaron Barnhart has some very good points about John McCain and G. Gordon Liddy, wondering why — even after David Letterman first brought up last week when the Senator returned to his guest chair — their friendship is getting no play in the news coverage of the campaign, while the GOP harping about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers does.