Today I talked with Sen. Claire McCaskill, who announced yesterday that she’s endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for President.

I asked her why, after not endorsing anyone to this point, she decided to throw her support to Obama, and whether choosing him over Sen. Hillary Clinton will hurt her with women in Missouri who have supported her. Since both McCaskill and Obama are first-term Senators, I asked her if that’s enough experience to become President.

We also talked about the recent controversial remarks by Bill Clinton about the Obama “fairy tale” and Hillary’s comments about Martin Luther King and LBJ, whether endorsements like this really influence voters, and whether America is ready to elect a black President.

When I asked McCaskill who she considers the most formidable Republican in the race, she surprised me with her answer about John McCain — I’m sure the hierarchy of the Democratic party was shocked, too — when she said that, while she hopes a Democrat wins, it’s not the end of the world if a Republican like him becomes President. She calls McCain “a maverick…my kind of guy.”

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