Casey Lartigue and Eliot Morgan were hosts on an XM channel aimed at black listeners. A couple of months ago, they did a show in which they debunked urban legends in the black community, including the controversial Memorandum 46. That’s a supposedly official memo written in 1978 by Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser for President Jimmy Carter, which outlined an alleged government strategy to undermine black leadership in the US.

When Lartigue and Morgan produced for their audience sufficient evidence that Memo 46 was fake, they were fired. Today on my show, they explained why, what the truth is behind Memo 46, and the reaction they’ve had to that show. It’s a classic case of “you can’t handle the truth” combined with people who willfully perpetuate a lie, to their everlasting shame.

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If you’re interested, here’s one copy of Memorandum 46 that’s been posted in the blogosphere. Note that Brzezinski’s name is spelled incorrectly — unlikely on an official memo he supposedly authored.