There are certain things men can say to other men that we can never say to women.

Case in point. Several of us were standing around the office talking about the recent storms — who lost power, when it went out, when we got it back, etc. After a few people had told their stories, one of our female colleagues started hers with, “I was getting my hair done at the salon when the electricity went off.”

Now, if she were a he, at least three of the guys in the room would have immediately jumped in with comments along the lines of, “Well, that explains the hairdo!” or “I hope they get the power back on soon so you can go back and have them finish the job!” or “So you went home and cut it yourself with a kitchen knife, right?”

See, that’s how guys treat each other. It doesn’t matter whether your hair looks fine or like a weedwhacker went berserk on your head, you have to expect a few cutting remarks, if you’ll pardon the pun.

In this case, however, no one said a thing — because, as men, we know that one of the things we should never joke about it a woman’s hairdo.

Would it have been different if it were a roomful of women?