We’ve spent some time on my show talking about Mackenzie Gruenewald, the south county woman who delivered a stillborn baby in 2006 because of her methamphetamine addiction.

The prosecutor has charged her with involuntary manslaughter in a case similar to Sherri Lohnstein, the woman who drank during pregnancy and also had a stillborn baby. Lohnstein pleaded guilty and, instead of being sentenced to seven years in prison, was given four months of rehab through the Missouri Department of Corrections, after which she’ll probably be put on probation.

My listeners are split on whether Gruenewald should go to rehab or to jail, but there was a new development in the story this weekend. Gruenewald, while awaiting her trial in St. Louis County jail, has allegedly tested positive again — for both meth and a baby. Yes, she’s pregnant and still on the junk.

All of this made me think of Barbara Harris (no relation), the woman behind Project Prevention, which pays drug addicts and drunks to get long-term or permanent birth control. Today, I invited Barbara back to my show to explain how her program works, how she has paid $300 to some 2,400 women so far, and why women like Gruenewald should know about Project Prevention.

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