I’ve known Tom and Dave Gardner, the brothers behind The Motley Fool, for over 15 years, and had them on my show many times. Yesterday on WLS/Chicago, Dave was back to talk about their new book, “Million Dollar Portfolio: How To Build And Grow A Panic-Proof Investment Portfolio.”

We talked about whether, with so many people suffering huge losses in the stock market, now is a good time to sell and take some losses, or continue to invest and hope for a turnaround. He explained why the book lays out several different investing philosophies, rather than the single strategy the Gardners have espoused for so long, and what investors can do to avoid problems like this in the future.

With the Gardners’ own money on the line in the real million-dollar portfolio Tom manages, and with every move visible to their readers at Fool.com, we talked about how their stock picks have stacked up against the benchmark S&P 500 during this disastrous last year, and how it has affected their strategy going forward.

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