Martha and I recently watched “Hustlers,” the movie with Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu as strippers who get together to rip off Wall Street types. It’s based on a true story and created some awards buzz for Lopez, but we were unimpressed.

I’m not going to bother writing a full review, and I’m certainly not going to add it to my Movies You Might Not Know list. The movie had no sense of humor nor real drama, with cliched characters and predictable plot points.

As for its lead actress, anyone who thought JLo should have been nominated for an Oscar For “Hustlers” should go back and watch her work in Steven Soderbergh’s “Out Of Sight,” in which she did some real acting. While I’m at it, Julia Stiles deserves better opportunities than the slim supporting role she was given in this.

True, we need more movies written, directed by, and starring women, but they should be better than “Hustlers.” I give it a 5 out of 10.