Should we go back to the moon?  It’s been 33 years since humans planted footprints in the lunar surface, and now NASA has proposed spending $104 billion to get back there.

My guest Gregg Maryniak voted an enthusiastic “yes,” and explained why.  Gregg — one of the founders of the X Prize (the $10,000,000 check that went to Burt Rutan and his SpaceShipOne team last year) — is VP of Aerospace for the St. Louis Science Center, which is why he can explain in easy-to-understand terms why another moon mission would not only be a cool adventure, but also a financially beneficial trip, helping to launch a new era of space science.  As a longtime fan of our space industry, I love the idea of a new generation of kids getting excited about manned space travel.

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As for those lunatics who still insist that we never went to the moon in the first place, check out Phil Plait’s, where he debunks all of that nonsense (I had Phil do this on my show a few years ago, the day after Fox wasted airtime with a moon hoax special).  This was the greatest scientific achievement in human history — to deny it is the worst kind of conspiracy-driven anti-scientific garbage, and we already have too much of that.