Three things McCain said tonight deserved more attention. First was his claim that “social security is easy to fix.” Easy? Then how would you do it, and why haven’t you presented a plan to fix it during your multiple terms in the Senate? Social security has been the third rail of American politics for two generations, and is one of the toughest problems our legislators have had to deal with. There’s nothing easy about it. Second was “I know how to get Osama Bin Laden. I’ll get him.” You know how? Then tell us! I can understand your not wanting to say it out loud to the public, out of fear that you’d tip off the enemy, but have you shared your plan with the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs and the White House? Why would you keep that a secret? Third was, “We don’t have time for on the job training, my friends.” That had a lot more zing before McCain named Palin as his running mate.And I hate that “my friends” thing, just as much as I hate Joe Biden invoking “ladies and gentleman.” They’re both cheap verbal crutches. I’m not looking for a friend, and I wouldn’t elect any of my friends to the presidency. Be a leader, not a pal.