It’s been too long since I’ve made any additions to the Movies You Might Not Know list, so here are two new ones:

“Heart of the Game” is the second-best basketball documentary ever made (after “Hoop Dreams”), chronicling several years with a girls’ high school team in Seattle. They are coached by Bill Resler, a tax professor who has some new ideas about how to lead the girls to victory. The story really takes off once Darnellia Russell joins the team — she’s a helluva basketball player, but her off-court troubles keep getting in the way. If this were a Hollywood script, no one would believe it, but as a true story, it’s a sports classic.

“Little Voice” is not a documentary, but an amazing showcase for Jane Horrocks, whose character wows everyone with her pitch-perfect imitations of singing stars from Judy Garland to Marilyn Monroe. Michael Caine plays the small-time theatrical agent who sees gold in that little voice, a role that earned him an Oscar nomination.

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