Just added to the Movies You Might Not Know list:

  • “Proof,” with Gwyneth Paltrow in her best performance as the daughter of a world-renowned mathemetician (Anthony Hopkins), who cared for him in his schizophrenic last years. With Jake Gyllenhaal as the student who finds what may or may not be a breakthrough mathematics proof, and Hope Davis as the antagonist, her too-grounded and too-urbanized older sister;
  • “Shopgirl,” from Steve Martin’s novella, in which he plays an uber-rich businessman who woos a young woman (Claire Danes, in a glowing performance) who is torn between his wealthy materialism and the grubby attentions of a guy more her age and speed;
  • “The Onion Field,” Joseph Wambaugh’s version of a 1963 incident in which small-time criminals abduct two cops during a panicky traffic stop, then execute one while the other escapes. With a breakout performance by James Woods, plus the pre-“Cheers” Ted Danson and a raw role for John Savage.