New additions to my Movies You Might Not Know list:

  • “Wait Until Dark” is a 1967 thriller starring Audrey Hepburn as a blind woman who is terrorized by a couple of thugs who think there’s some heroin in her apartment. Alan Arkin is wonderfully malevolent as the villain, ably assisted by Richard Crenna. It’s as good as any Hitchcock classic.
  • “When We Were Kings” is the 1996 documentary about the 1974 heavyweight championship fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Kinsasha, Zaire. This was long before Foreman became the cuddly grill salesman, when he was still the menacing Olympic gold medalist who hit harder than anyone in the world. Ali was attempting to regain his glory after going to prison and being stripped of his title over his opposition to the Vietnam War. When the fight was delayed for six weeks by internal African issues, Ali and promoter Don King turned it into a huge public relations opportunity, even bringing in James Brown and The Spinners for a concert. Filmmaker Leon Gast caught all of it in his lens, but the documentary wasn’t released for two decades. It was well worth the wait.