Last week, I wrote about how Roman Polanski remains free thanks to Rich Man’s Justice.

Here’s the story of another wealthy pedophile, billionaire hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, who today completes his one year of house arrest for sexually abusing more than a half-dozen underage girls. He’s being released because he paid off the victims — more than a million dollars each, according to The Daily Beast — but even his home incarceration was a joke. He was allowed to go to his Florida office many days, as well as his home in New York and his private island in the Caribbean! And when he walks free today, Epstein won’t even be listed as a sex offender on any registry.

The Palm Beach police department identified 17 girls, aged 14 to 16, who Epstein had contact with. The FBI says the number was closer to 40 girls, including one he imported from the Balkans as his sex slave. The investigation also uncovered the enablers, employees and friends of Epstein who helped him find his young victims, often flying them in from overseas to be molested.

Once again, think about how this would have been different if the accused didn’t have all that money and real estate. Someone like a teacher, an auto mechanic, a shoe salesman. Think he would have gotten the same treatment from our justice system?

Conchita Sarnoff has the outrageous story here.