I saw a news item online today that included the results of a poll that claimed more than a third of Americans think Robert Mueller has not proven that Trump and his administration colluded with Russia.

That estimate is completely wrong. The correct number is 100%, because Mueller’s investigation is still ongoing, and he hasn’t provided a report to the public with any conclusions whatsoever thus far. The rumor mill says he’ll release something next week, but since Mueller and his team have been pretty much leak-proof throughout this process, who knows?

As for the percentages, the problem isn’t the public, it’s the pollster, who might as well have asked, “Did the St. Louis Cardinals win the 2019 World Series?” Considering they haven’t played a single game yet this season, I’m gonna say no, and I’ll bet that more than a third of even the most rabid Redbird fans would agree with me.

Chalk this one up as pure nonsense.