My brother Seth is currently serving as the Acting Secretary Of Labor, which entitled him to join the other members of the cabinet in attending the State Of The Union address Tuesday night. Since I love first-person stories, I invited him to come on my KTRS show today to talk about his rookie experience, including:

  • Who did he watch to know when to stand up during the speech?
  • What’s it like walking the gauntlet down that center aisle knowing the C-SPAN cameras are on you?
  • Why did President Obama come right over to where Seth was standing immediately after the speech?

FYI, Seth has served as the Deputy Secretary of Labor (the #2 person in the department, effectively its COO) since day one of Obama’s administration, and also spent 7 years as a Senior Advisor to the Secretary Of Labor in the Clinton Administration. When a new Secretary is vetted, appointed, and confirmed, he’ll return to his role as Deputy Secretary and probably won’t attend another SOTU.

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