Went to West County Mall to pick up an accesory at the Apple Store. Or I should say I tried to go to the mall. The parking lots were so full that people searching for spaces became stalkers, following anyone on foot in the hopes they’d lead to an empty spot — then cursing out loud when the pedestrian cut through between cars to get to the next row instead.

After about 15 minutes of circling with no success, I decided that I could wait another week until winter break is over and the world goes back to normal, leaving me plenty of breathing room and parking spaces. As I drove away, I thought, “well, that whole recession thing is sure working out!”

Then it was off to see my physician for my annual physical. Results: everything is still in the right place, nothing new has grown in the wrong place, and all of my bodily fluids contain the correct ingredients in the correct proportions.

On that last one, when it came to discussing my PSA number (the test for prostate cancer), he explained that under 4.0 is good, under 2.5 is great, and that mine is at 0.3. Then he quipped, “You can’t get any lower than that on the prostate exam without being a woman.”

Just what I want when we’re talking about that part of my body — being compared to a person of the opposite sex.