Last spring, MODOT added variable speed limit signs to Interstate 270. Instead of keeping it at 60mph all the time, they lower it (but never go higher) on occasion when they feel conditions warrant. Yesterday was one of those occasions, when the rain was really coming down during afternoon rush and traffic was jammed so much we were crawling at about 20mph, without an accident in sight.

My question: if drivers were already going that speed, why change the sign to tell us the speed limit was now 40mph? We didn’t need the taunting (“you could be going twice as fast!”). In fact, we didn’t need the state to spend who-knows-how-much to regulate behavior we were handling just fine on our own.

For decades, we’ve been able to determine what the correct speed was, based on traffic conditions. You just stayed with the traffic flow and you were good. Thanks, Nanny MODOT!