You probably missed the news of a presidential candidate ending his campaign yesterday. No, it isn’t anyone you’ve ever heard of. In fact, it’s unlikely you even knew he was running.

His name is Francis Suarez, he’s the mayor of Miami and, yes, he believed he had a chance to become the GOP nominee. Talk about hubris. Suarez must live a life surrounded by people who encourage him at every turn, even when they know he has no chance. I mean, at some point, his family and friends must have looked him straight in the eye and said, “Go for it, Francis!”

You know how American kids are often told anyone can grow up to become president? Or how they can achieve anything if they just give it their best effort — or keep hoping/praying/wishing to make it so?

Those are lies. And Suarez fell for them. He had as much of a chance of becoming president as you do.

While the primaries are still months away, Suarez couldn’t even get to the 1% polling threshold necessary to appear at the Republican debate last week. How bad is that? Doug Burgum made it, and you’ve never heard of him either.

He’s the governor of North Dakota.