Yesterday on my show, Megan Coulter got her say about the hugging incident that led to her serving two days of after-school detention in Mascoutah (IL).

The 13-year-old denied the claims of Supt. Sam McGowan and gave her version of what happened — both the incident at the basketball game that resulted in a warning, and the hugs after school last Friday that drew the detention. She also explained that she didn’t realize that the school’s PDA rule applied to hugging, which she says is just a natural part of the way she was brought up. Megan says the school should be much more specific in defining what’s allowed and what isn’t.

She also said that, earlier yesterday, she and the other 8th-grade girls had all been brought to the school auditorium, where an administrator expressed displeasure that “someone” was making a big deal about this (of course, all the girls at the school know that “someone” is Megan).

Megan’s mother, Melissa, says she’s going to the next school board meeting to try to get the PDA/hugging rule changed. Based on the volume of calls and comments I’ve received, she may have a lot of support in the community.

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