It’s very rare that I criticize another radio host on the same station that employs me, but when I got in my car and turned on KTRS Wednesday afternoon at 4:50pm, I heard Kent Ehrhardt (who does the 3-6pm show Tuesday through Thursday, while I do Monday and Friday) taking calls from listeners for a woman in the studio who claimed to be a psychic.

I was pissed.

If you’ve heard my show or read my blog anytime in the last 20 years, you know that I have regularly called out these con artists for the frauds they are. I’ve had guests like James Randi, Brian Dunning, Adam Conover, and Jamy Ian Swiss debunk their claims of paranormal ability. I have railed against evil people like Sylvia Browne who preyed on the emotions of vulnerable people with their “psychic readings.”

So, when I heard one of them getting free airtime and promotion while deceiving the same audience that might listen to me, I was outraged. When Kent finished the hour saying, “Well, this was fun, we’ll have to do it again sometime,” I screamed at my car radio, “NO!”

I debated whether I wanted to take Kent to task for this on my own show Friday afternoon, and in the end, decided that I had to. This is the result.

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