Today I talked with Commander Richard Jadick about being a doctor on the front lines in Iraq, where he set up a make-shift emergency room in the middle of the battlefield.

I asked him what it was like working through the Battle of Fallujah, dealing with snipers, and whether he turned Hawkeye Pierce at any time and offered aid to insurgents his Marines had just shot. He talked about the tough choices he made, the un-sterile conditions he worked under, and how wounded Marines wanted nothing more than to get back in the field with their buddies.

These are remarkable stories, as are others Jadick tells in his book, “On Call In Hell.” He and his team were responsible for saving at least 30 Marines who would have died if that forward aid station hadn’t been there. It’s no wonder Jadick received the Bronze Star with a Combat V for Valor for his service in Iraq.

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