Tom McNamee, editorial editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, says that with Roland Burris seated in the US Senate, the state of Illinois is now represented by a senator and a half.

Today on my WLS/Chicago show, McNamee explained that because of the Blago taint, no senator is going to want to co-sponsor a bill with Burris, and that each bit of continuing news about the governor’s impeachment trial and then his criminal trial will remind Washington of how Burris got the job.

We also discussed whether the Democrats are now worried about holding onto that Senate seat with the 2010 primary only 13 months away, and whether Illinois’ senior senator Dick Durbin and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will even work with Burris. We also talked about the Roger Simon article (which McNamee printed in the Sun-Times) regarding race and gender in the matter of Roland Burris and Caroline Kennedy.

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