Among the many things that have to be fixed in our American election system — once they do away with superdelegates and the Electoral College — is the concept of open primaries. Primaries are supposed to be for members of a party to vote for the person they’d like to represent the party in the general election.

This year, we’ve seen large turnouts of independents in both parties’ primaries, which is partly responsible for the McCain and Obama juggernauts. We have also had Republicans, once McCain had their nomination locked up, crossing over to vote for Hillary Clinton, in the hopes of screwing things up for the Democrats and forcing the campaign season to drag on and on.

Why are non-members allowed to vote in so many states? That’s like letting members of the Screen Actors Guild vote in the Carpenters Union election. You’re either one or the other. You get to choose, but then you should stick with your own until the general election free-for-all.

Until then, no switching theaters because you don’t like your movie.