Here are the opening remarks from my final Friday show on KTRS, in which I explain how I came to St. Louis 19 years ago this month, why I jumped over to KMOX after five years, and why I returned to KTRS a decade ago while doing freelance and syndicated shows for stations around the country.

I also looked back at some of the extraordinary people from so many professions I’ve had the honor of interviewing in my 40 years on commercial radio. The list is too long to mention everyone, but quite often, a listener will tell me they’ve recently found a conversation with someone in the archives on my website, or they remember hearing it live when it happened. It makes me happy that those moments — that have long since escaped Earth’s atmosphere as broadcast signals headed off into space — connected along the way with someone who was entertained and/or informed by them. I’m grateful to all of those guests who gave freely of their time to make my radio show better (and a few that were a pain in the ass),
and especially thankful to those of you who have listened to my shows over the years, whether over the air or as podcasts or live streams.

I will continue posting new content on on a regular basis, including several radio stories I didn’t have time to tell on my show. I hope you’ll come back to read them.

As for what I’ll do next, I don’t have anything to announce right now, but I’m working on a couple of projects. If and when they’re ready to go, I’ll share all the details here.

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