What’s the most dangerous nation on Earth? Catherine Scott-Clark says, without a doubt, it’s Pakistan, which has been making news this week with the instability of Pervez Musharraf and his military government.

Scott-Clark and fellow invesigative journalist Adrian Levy have spent the last couple of years looking into Pakistan’s nuclear threat, and uncovered several disturbing revelations, which they lay out in their book “Deception: Pakistan, the United States, and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons.”

Today on my show, Scott-Clark said that Pakistan is missing large amounts of fissile material, which no one is holding them accountable for. She claims that our government has known about Pakistan selling nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea, and Libya for more than two decades. Scott-Clark explains the role of AQ Khan, the Pakistani nuclear mastermind who is being shielded from US investigators by Musharraf, and how your tax dollars are involved, through financial aid the US has passed to Pakistan since Jimmy Carter was President.

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