I really couldn’t care less about Paris Hilton, but this video is interesting as a peek into the world of untalented bimbo celebrities and the tabloid media that live off of them.

A few nights ago, Hilton ran out of gas in Beverly Hills and, having no idea what to do to help herself, ending up getting assistance from the paparazzi who were following her. It’s an odd case of guys who make their living off of a publicity whore and her weird working relationship with them. At no point does she get angry with them, since she knows she needs them as much as they need her. While one of the photographers goes out of his way to get her gas (because it will take too long for an assistant to bring gas from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills — probably the same assistant who forgot to fill the gas tank), Hilton sits there in her Bentley Roadster doing her makeup, talking on the phone, and looking through her scrap book. Meanwhile, the gang of other paparazzi keep snapping photos of her.

Two things to watch for: One, when the guy comes back with the gas, Hilton doesn’t even get out of the car to help, and has no idea where to put it in (make your own joke). Two, watch what she does when the guy gives her the change from the $20 she gave him for the gas — it’s disposable currency.

I’ve tried this with the paparazzi who are always following me around, but the only thing they gave me was the finger.

[thanks to Ross Brittain for the link]