With the death of Hugh Hefner this week at age 91, I called upon Patty Farmer to discuss his legacy because she worked with him on her books, “Playboy Laughs: The Comedy, Comedians, and Cartoons of Playboy” and “Playboy Swings: How Hugh Hefner and Playboy Changed the Face of Music.”

Among the topics we discussed:

  • Hefner always contended he was not exploiting women, but his detractors said he was using women as objects;
  • How Playboy lost its way in the internet era;
  • Hefner’s groundbreaking TV shows, “Playboy Penthouse” and “Playboy After Dark.”
  • The impact of the Playboy Clubs on comedy and music;
  • Hefner’s involvement in the civil rights movement;
  • Why Playboy actually was worth reading for the articles.

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