Last month, while I was in Las Vegas at The Amazing Meeting, Penn Jillette’s radio producer/sidekick Michael Goudeau grabbed me and asked if I would go upstairs and record an hour of his nationally syndicated radio show. Penn was banking some interviews that could air on the days when he was running back and forth to LA to record more episodes of “Identity.”

Since Penn has been a guest on my show so often over the last two decades — in fact, he has been a “money in the bank” guest, who I can always count on for a compelling discussion — I was happy to return the favor.

During the hour, we talked about how Penn and I first met and how he introduced me to Randi, whether I get complaints when I go after so-called psychics on the air, the time I was almost fired for dissing Exxon on my show, and what kind of guests make the best interviewees. Then, without either of us noticing, the roles reversed and I was asking Penn questions about hanging out with former first son Ron Reagan and publisher Al Goldstein. We also got into an extended discussion of the Hold Your Wee For A Wii radio stunt in which a woman died after consuming gallons of water in an idiotic morning show contest in Sacramento.

Four weeks after we recorded it, my appearance on Penn’s radio show aired last Friday (2/9/07) on the CBS Free FM stations in New York, San Franciso, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, Baltimore, Vegas, and Washington DC. If you missed it, it is now available as a podcast that you can listen to here.

You can also listen to Penn’s appearance on my show last year, when the DVD of “The Aristocrats” was released. If you’re in Vegas, be sure to see Penn and Teller’s show at The Rio.