Kevin Freshwater, who calls himself a Public Nuisance, has made a bit of a name for himself on Instagram and YouTube. I don’t usually care for social media wannabes, but I did really enjoy this.

It’s a bit called Finish The Lyrics, in which Freshwater walks up to strangers, thrusts a microphone in their faces, recites a line from a well-known song, then waits until they respond with the next one. Sometimes they play along, sometimes the people are strange, but sometimes he randomly finds someone who can actually carry a tune — including Charlotte Awbrey, who you’ll see at the end of this clip.

It’s too bad most of the late night TV shows are on hiatus this week, because one of them would surely contact her, put her on the air, and give her career a huge boost. Perhaps “Good Morning America“ or “Ellen“ will nab her – or maybe it has already happened in the UK, where she lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple venues book her.