Josh Kraushaar of has become a semi-regular contributor to my WLS shows, and today we talked about the electoral landscape for Obama and McCain with a week and a half before the election.

Josh also broke down what could happen in Congress, and how many seats the Democrats may add to their majorities in both the House and the Senate. And I asked him to name three states that we should keep an eye on as bellweathers as the returns start coming in on election night.

We also discussed Josh’s story about the apology/explanation offered by Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota for saying last week (on “Hardball”) that the media should investigate everyone in Congress to see who’s pro-America and who’s anti-America. I have yet to see anyone confront Bachmann and ask exactly what criteria would be used to determine anyone’s patriotism, but I suspect she’d consider you pro-America if you agree with everything she says; otherwise, you’re the enemy.

Ironically, that televised McCarthy-esque outburst has helped Minnesotans decide they’re not quite at pro-Bachmann as she thought they were. It may cost Bachmann her seat in the House, as her 10-12% lead in the polls has evaporated in a week, and she now trails challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg (!!) — who has been helped by over a million dollars in donations that poured in after her comments made national news — by several points.

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