For the Picture Of The Day, here some of the funniest entries from the annual Letters Live fundraiser, in which actors and others are recruited to read real letters from various people. The subjects vary widely. Some are very serious, some not so much. Below, I’ve embedded four of my favorites.

The first features Benedict Cumberbatch reading a letter from Tom Hanks to George Roy Hill who, at the time, had just directed “The Sting.” Cumberbatch pulls off an American accent quite well, at least until he gets to the word “schedule.”¬†Next is Olivia Colman, also doing an American accent that’s cute, but not quite right regionally. Then there’s Matt Berry reading a letter from a husband who has tallied all the excuses his wife offered for not having sex with him over the last year. Finally, Alan Carr reads an explanation from a man offering further details to an insurance company regarding him getting caught in a dire circumstance in a bathroom stall (caution to men: you may want to cross your legs before viewing this one).

These should play one after another, but if they don’t try clicking here.