I need help with a computer problem and can’t find the answer online, so I’m turning to you.

I have two HP printers connected to my home network, a LaserJet (connected to my desktop) and an OfficeJet (connected via the network router), and want the LaserJet to be the default printer. I know how to set that in XP, but everytime I start or re-boot the laptop and/or desktop, it reverts to the OfficeJet as the default. I have no problem printing to either of them when I manually choose the printer, but I shouldn’t have to do so.

Neither Microsoft nor HP seems to have heard of this problem, so I’m hoping that someone in this vast readership will. Once I get a workable solution, I’ll post it here for others who may be experiencing the same problem. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Update 2/27 5:07pm: I appreciate the responses. It seems that the workaround solution is a combination of ideas. It started with deleting the LaserJet from the printers list, reinstalling it with a new driver downloaded from HP, and only allowing the desktop to print to it (not sharing it with the network, so the laptop has to use the OfficeJet exclusively). After several re-boots, the LJ is sticking as the default printer. For now.