Saw “Star Trek.” Good effects, good acting, decent plot. Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura, is an 11. The guy who plays Spock looks 11. The guy who plays Leonard Nimoy looks 111. The guy who plays McCoy channels DeForest Kelley perfectly.

But here’s my problem. Why is it, that in a future this sophisticated technically, humans have still not evolved past fighting on top of things they can fall to their death from? Here’s a space platform — oops, we’re near the edge and I’m dangling by one arm. Here’s a walkway in the bowels of the ship — oops, you almost knocked me off and into the machinery several hundred feet below. Here’s a cliff on Earth — oops, got too close and nearly fell into the chasm below before pulling myself back up by my fingernails.

You wanna save the future of mankind? Stick to wider surfaces, particularly if you’re engaging in hand-to-hand combat (don’t even get me started on 23rd-century sword fights).