If you rent a home with AirBnB or get into the back or an Uber or a Lyft or buy something on eBay, there’s a huge element of trust involved. Ironically, we’re doing those things at the same time that trust in traditional institutions like government and business and banks and media is at an all-time low. That brings me to today’s guest, Rachel Botsman, author of “Who Can You Trust? How Technology Brought Us Together and How It Might Drive Us Apart.”

We discussed why most people don’t care about data breaches at big companies like Equifax, Sony, and Target, nor about sharing very personal information on Facebook. We talked about why there seems to be more faith in Bitcoin than in stock index funds and whether we’ll ever trust self-driving cars. Finally, I asked her about the global implications of President Trump saying reporters are the “enemy of the people” and that the FBI can’t be trusted — both of which are false yet dangerous.

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