In case you missed these on my Twitter feed:

  • After hearing about the debt ceiling deal, I have to congratulate the Wealthy & Powerful for continuing their career-long unbeaten streak.
  • My teenage daughter’s back from a month in NYC. We’re happy to see her, hear about all her adventures, and…hey, where’s my car?
  • An Ocean Spray OJ bottle says it contains “100% orange juice with other natural flavors.” What else do we need in there besides oranges?
  • Spotted this sign on a gas pump yesterday: “Please Prepay In Advance.” Does that apply to customers who understand prefixes?
  • Showed my daughter Barry Levinson’s “Tin Men” w/Danny DeVito doing the best Baltimore accent ever & Barbara Hershey at her most beautiful.  The rest of the cast was great, too: Richard Dreyfuss, John Mahoney, JT Walsh, Bruno Kirby, Seymour Cassel, and the hilarious Jackie Gale. Classic!
  • It’s been so hot I haven’t been outside much until the other night when I played tennis & noticed my legs were whiter than a Michele Bachmann rally.