I may be all hopped up on flu vaccine, but here are some of the things that occurred to me today:

I went to the DMV yesterday to get new paperwork processed for our cars. While waiting my turn, a guy in his twenties approached and asked if I knew what he needed in order to get license plates. I told him I didn’t know, but said he could ask the clerk when he got to the counter. He said he didn’t want to wait a half-hour for his turn and left. He was young enough that I can be 100% sure he has a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, so why didn’t he check the internet for that information before wasting a trip to the DMV?

The St. Louis Cardinals held a press conference today to display a new uniform they’ll wear for Saturday games next year, and the local suck-up media played along as if this were an important story. It got prominent mentions on TV and radio, and the newspaper put it on the front page. What none of them mentioned was that this is yet another attempt by the team’s ownership to get fans to buy more Cardinals merchandise, just because it has a new logo.

The now-infamous photo of shirtless FBI agent Fred Humphries has him posing between two target dummies that are as buff as he is. My first reaction: does the FBI have fat-guy targets, too? For every bad guy who looks like Channing Tatum, there must be some who look like Chris Christie. On the other hand, I suppose if you can hit the thin target, you can probably hit the fat one, too.