On the Gen. Stanley McChrystal matter:

  • Every soldier has a right to complain, goes the old saying, and they always will. But there’s a difference between whining in the barracks and going off on your higher-ups to a guy with a notepad.
  • This isn’t a simple freedom of speech issue.  No one has that much freedom on the job.  What do you think would happen if you spoke on the record to a reporter about all the things you don’t like about your boss?
  • I love the apologies that always come in instances like this. McChrystal’s not sorry for what he said, he’s only sorry they were published.
  • McChrystal called Biden last night to apologize. If there’s anyone in the world who should know what it’s like to say the wrong the thing at the wrong time and have it published, it’s the VP.
  • At what time today will he be named a special correspondent for Fox News Channel?
  • I don’t know whether McChrystal should be fired, but to those who hate Obama so much they rush to the defense of anyone who speaks out against him, where were you when Gen. John Abezaid and Gen. George Casey expressed their disagreements with Bush?
  • Would you feel the same way if this were a two-star general bitching to the media about McChrystal, or would you throttle the guy for violating the UCMJ?
  • The military publicist who set up the Rolling Stone interview with McChrystal was asked to resign. Why? It’s not his fault that the general said what he said.