When I heard of the death of Rosalynn Carter yesterday, I thought about how she and her husband were among the finest former first couples we’ve ever had. Just look at all the years they dedicated to peaceful causes, mental health awareness, and building homes for poor people after leaving the White House. It was also clear she really loved her husband — and vice versa. In other words, she was the anti-Melania.

I was happy to hear Jimmy Kimmel will return as the host of the Oscars in 2024. He’s proven himself adept as both a broadcaster and host —  as long as he doesn’t return to the wacky stunts he tried on the job several years ago, like bringing non-showbiz folk into the auditorium to stare at the dressed-up glitterati in attendance.

Ken Jennings has settled very comfortably into his role on “Jeopardy!” even more than I thought he would. He’s so natural, injecting humor into the proceedings and subtly commenting on players’ betting strategies in a way Mayim Bialik wouldn’t even understand.

Nothing amuses me more while watching an NFL game than having the quarterback call an audible at the line of scrimmage to change the play on third down and long, but after the dust has settled, his team has only gained a single yard — or lost one. Good read!

Speaking of football, if I were the coach of a team at any level (pro, college, high school) and we were way behind, I would tell my defensive players they are not allowed to run around in celebration after a sack, or a stop, or an interception. Stop dancing around when we’re losing 37-0 and there are only eight seconds left on the clock!

And finally, a new political axiom: you can’t claim that taking legal action against your guy is purely political when your guy says publicly every day that when he’s back in office he’s going to throw his critics and opponents in jail — or worse.