Good call by the Cleveland Indians to not have Charlie Sheen throw out the first pitch at a World Series game. Yes, he played Indians pitcher Ricky Vaughn in the “Major League” movies, but he’s also a serial domestic abuser, and big time sports leagues have to start paying attention to that. That’s why the NY Giants dropped kicker Josh Brown, despite the NFL having done such a horrible job in this regard over the last few years. Brown and Sheen and other men like them deserve derision, not applause.

I read a news item this morning saying that 10 million people have already voted, “so they can put this whole election experience behind them.” Would that it were true. They’re still exposed to all the nauseating campaign commercials running nonstop on TV and radio in battleground states like Missouri. There has to be a better way.

Another story making headlines this week is that premiums for Obamacare insurance are going up an average of 25%. That makes it sound like the government is raising prices, when in fact it’s the insurance companies. This is what happens when you allow private for-profit corporations to continue ripping off the public when it comes to health insurance — they did it before Obamacare, and they’re still doing it, with higher premiums and deductibles.

On election day, lots of people will want to share selfies with their ballots, but you should know that Illinois is one of 18 states where taking a selfie with your ballot is illegal (a felony!), while the law is unclear in Missouri and 12 other states. Vox has a complete list. If you vote in a booth with a curtain, and you turn the flash off, no one will be able to see you using your smartphone camera, but it’s a lot harder for those of us who use touch screens or fill out the optical scan forms at a standing desk in the polling place. Of course, you’re fine when you fill out your absentee ballot in private, but as soon as you post that photo on social media, your secret is out. Why is this important? I’d bet that the number of younger voters would increase if they knew they could share their ballot selfies without incriminating themselves.